Connect and sell your products to more people on Facebook by listing your products right on your Facebook page.


What we do


Facebook Shop is ideal for merchants, retail and eCommerce businesses looking to reach more customers on Facebook. It's very easy to add and manage your product list. You can link your website to complete a purchase or you can arrange a payment method with your customers, such as a bank transfer or cash on delivery.


We will add and divide your products into different categories to make it easier for customers browsing your Facebook Shop. We will link your website to complete purchases made from you Facebook Shop and if you don't have a website or a payment option on your website, we will add a "Message to Buy" option in your Facebook Shop.


Customers can browse your Facebook Shop and message you to learn more about a particular product or buy from you. With Facebook Insights you will be able to see how many views and messages each product got. And you will also see clicks and purchases for each product and how much revenue each product earned you.

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